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Uplifted Youth

About RPAL

Our Organization

In 1972, a fundraising group for Roseville youth sports team was founded. Teams such as Little League and Bobby Sox baseball teams were some of the first teams to benefit from the funds and Police Officer participation was limited to occasional coaching. In 1993, three officers decided to expand the level of involvement and launched the RPAL Boxing Program. Since then, RPAL has grown and sponsored many diverse programs, both athletic and social-emotional, in an attempt to enrich the lives of Roseville youth. 

Our Mission

The Roseville Police Activities League's mission is to enrich the lives of Roseville youth by building positive relationships between youth, police officers, and the community through a broad range of accessible and affordable activities. 

Team Meeting


Scott Alvord, President

Advanced Development Concepts 


Marcus Lo Duca, Vice President 

Law Office of Marcus J. Lo Duca, P.C.


Sophia Madrigal, Secretary 

   Roseville Police Department    


Barbara Bylsma, Treasurer 


Tracy Mendonsa

Roseville City Council


Gray Allen

Placer County Water Agency


Troy Bergstrom

Police Chief

Roseville Police Department


 Dan  Wesp

Placer County Deputy District Attorney

Jessica Waterford

Placer County MDIC

 Jill Geller

City of Roseville

Rana Ghadban 


Roseville Area Chamber

of Commerce


David Tuggle

Roseville Police Department


Jamie Hazen, Executive Director

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